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International Parts Logistics, LLC

Our Services​

Addressing the needs of port professionals in the acquisition of replacement and spare crane parts and services since 2011.

International Parts Logistics provides a closer link to your equipment’s replacement and spare parts needs. Together with parts suppliers, IPL can assure quality, competitive pricing, expediting services, and exceptional customer service. This includes an online confirmation system you may use help assure that you are ordering the correct part. Furthermore, with the deep knowledge of a wide range of equipment and a solid relationship with numerous suppliers of replacement and spare parts worldwide, IPL can be an extension of your port’s procurement department. From cranes control cabs and gantry wheel brakes, to chute/hopper liners for bulk material handling, IPL can assist in nearly all of your port equipment needs.

What We Can Provide

  • Replacement and spare part source from suppliers worldwide
  • Sources in Asia and throughout the world with competitive pricing, quality control and expediting services for engineered parts manufactured in Asia (e.g. wheels, sheaves, drums)
  • Expediting/Direct Shipping
  • Electronic Part Confirmation
  • Unique relationships with quality control personnel

We are a US-based company.